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Our network

“Redexis develops a safe, efficient and sustainable gas transmission and distribution network”

Redexis transports natural gas from backbone or primary delivery points in Spain to the point of consumption in the best safety and quality conditions. It operates networks 11,140 kilometers throughout Spain, which has 51 transmission pipelines serving in 29 provinces.

The company maintains a strong and continued expansion plan and network deployment in order to create constant value in the communities where it operates. Over 60% of its transmission network has been realized in the last six years and a significant proportion of the distribution network has been constructed between 2005 and 2008.

The transmission gas pipelines are built with steel pipes and the distribution pipelines are usually built with steel when the pressure in the network exceeds 10 bar and with polyethylene for equivalent or lower operating pressures. Anti-corrosion protection techniques  are applied to all steel networks of the Company.

The acquisition of assets for LPG distribution has entailed new opportunities for Redexis to increase its presence in the gas supply market. In addition to the LPG deposits near the consumption points, piped LPG distribution networks have been acquired, which have been successfully integrated into Redexis’ management processes.

Redexis has protocols that allow both operators and subcontractors to work in safe and optimal health conditions offering consumers a level of safe power supply. In addition, we implement best practices to minimize the environmental impact which the development of the activity may have on the territories, offering customers a source of clean energy.

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