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Uses and Benefits of gas



Natural gas is the best energy for your home. Its applications in the home are increasing day by day, adapting to the needs of the household. Currently, this energy source is mainly used for cooking purposesspace heatingDHW (Domestic Hot Water) and power supply of gas appliances or appliances that use natural gas as an energy source


When comparing natural gas with other energy sources available, it stands out as being more reliable, more dependable, more comfortable and more environmentally friendly energy.

  1. It is the cheapest supply of energy: Its high performance resulting in a lower final energy consumption and therefore in a lower total cost to the user.
  2. It also ensures a continuous supply of energy, avoiding power outages.
  3. Provides a great amount of power.
  4. Allows the simultaneous use of all domestic gas appliances that can be installed in a home.
  5. No storage required, thus avoiding being aware of specific on time delivery as is the case with other energy sources.
  6. Consumption of natural gas is paid after consumption according to a precise control as measured by the meter.
  7. It is the fossil energy with the least environmental impact, has the lowest CO2 emissions per unit of energy used and emits no solid waste, nor smoke or odour.