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Business Principles


Redexis  works every day for Corporate Responsibility (CR) to become a cornerstone of its corporate culture. For the company, the RC is the set of actions to be carried out in order to provide timely care to its users and transparency in information about the safe use of its facilities, thus establishing a relationship of solid trust and of mutual benefit with the different interest groups. For Redexis, attaining an optimal interaction with the environment is a fundamental strategic aspect in the development of its activity as it consolidates continues value generation and sustainability of your business.

Here are the three areas of responsibility Redexis has with the environment in which it does business, highlighting the economic, social and environmental area.

Economic scope

One of the objectives of Redexis is doing its work in a responsible, productive and efficient way, pursuing both investment and operational excellence to ensure continuous improvement of the results for its shareholders and investors.

In line with this objective, Redexis is based on a set of strategic principles:

  • To carry out a responsible and ethical corporate purpose, faithfully reflecting the real business reality of the Group.
  • Encourage the growth of the activity in a solid and sustainable manner.
  • Ensuring transparency in the information that it communicates.
  • Promote the commitment to achieve results, setting collective and individual goals, making decisions aligned to those objectives, planning and prioritizing actions.
  • To analyse the economic sustainability of its investments.
  • To promote continuous improvement in all its activities promoting the efficient use of resources, promoting safety in its facilities and services to the end-user.

Compliance with these principles, insisting that all professionals that are part of Redexis act ethically, honestly and with integrity, respecting the values, principles and codes of professional conduct that drives the Group, economic and operational excellence is guaranteed in executing the activity.

Social scope

Redexis is a business group with strong roots in the different communities in which it conducts its transportation and distribution business activities of natural gas by extending these principles and values as an organization, based on ethical and social, environmental performance in a financially responsible way and in accordance with current regulations.

Under the CR, it is knowledgeable about the needs of the territories in which it operates. Redexis has as a key objective to contribute knowledge and skills to society that contribute to community development. (For more information click here)

Environmental scope

The environment is a primary good that Redexis is committed to protecting. To this end, Redexis programs its activities seeking a balance between economic initiatives and indispensable environmental needs, taking at all times the rights of future generations into account.

Redexis is therefore fully committed to reduce the impact of its activities on the environment and landscape, in addition to preventing risks to people and the environment, not only in compliance with regulations, but also taking into account investigation science progress and the best practices in the field. The definition of environmental policy and its implementation are managed unitary and coherently to take advantage of all possible synergies. (For more information click here).