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To Society and Environment


Redexis, as an infrastructure operator, plays a fundamental role in the sustainable development of the local economies in which it operates. As a key agent in the Spanish gas sector, it works to promote economic activity, business productivity, employment and improvement of the quality of life of people, businesses and industries. 

As an infrastructure operator, Redexis plays a fundamental role in the sustainable development of the local economies in which it operates. As a key agent in the Spanish gas industry, it strives to boost economic activity, business productivity, employment and to improve the quality of life of people, businesses and industries.

The actions developed by the Company directly or indirectly contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals, approved by the United Nations. To this end, it makes financial and resource contributions to social projects and implements ongoing assessments of those contributions in order to be adapted to the corporate strategy.

The Company’s commitment to sustainable development is reflected in the approval by the Board of Directors in 2020 of the Sustainability Policy, by means of which the Group’s commitment to social, environmental, ethical and sustainable development is evidenced, maximizing positive impacts, by means of an ethical and transparent conduct with all its stakeholders.

As a result, thereof, Redexis publishes the 2019 Sustainability Report gathering all the most relevant information on non-financial matters, strengthening all its activities and results during the previous year and complementing the information gathered in the Annual Report.

Likewise, the Board of Directors of Redexis approved the first Non-Financial Information Statement (EINF, for its acronym in Spanish), corresponding to 2020 financial year. The preparation and sections of this document are legally regulated by the provisions set forth in Law11/2018, of December 28, 2018 amending the Commercial Code, the revised text of the Capital Companies Law approved by Royal Legislative Decree 1/2010, of July 2, and Law 22/2015, of July 20, on Audit Accounting, regarding non-financial information and diversity.

Although in 2020 the preparation of this Report is not yet mandatory for Redexis, the company has decided the voluntary approval and publication thereof, in the interest of transparency and adopting the best corporate governance practices.

Redexis’ strategy is linked to sustainable development through all its operating areas, and this results in the recognition by different assessment agencies of the corporate environmental, social and governance practices (ESG, Environmental, Social and Governance), including GRESB and Vigeo.

  • GRESB: Redexis obtained 8 more points than in the previous financial year, reaching 82 points and ranking above both the companies in the industry and the group of companies being evaluated.
  • Vigeo Eiris ranked Redexis as “robust” in 2020, regarding performance in the 2019 financial year in ESG matters. The Company has ranked above the industry average in different indicators, which certifies Redexis’ commitment to sustainable development. This has allowed Redexis to access sustainable funding of 150 million euros.

Our environmental commitment is established in the Integrated Safety, Environment and Energy Policy, which enhances environmental excellence, management and energy efficiency. Therefore, Redexis has decided to develop all its business activities in an environmentally friendly way, committing to energy efficiency due to the non-renewable natural resource scarcity. In order to meet occupational, energy and environmental safety challenges, Redexis strengthens the necessary support and establishes accurate procedures to guarantee and minimize risks, to protect workers, for a rational use of resources and waste reduction, contributing to sustainable development required by society and to meet guidelines and goals.

During the last three years, Redexis has implemented an adaptation process of the Integrated Management System which, by means of developing different documents, operating standards and formats, involves the entire organization in security assurance, health, environmental care when performing its activities and energy management. As a result of this process, said unit has achieved the system certification in ISO 14001: 2015 Standard, ISO 50001:2018 Standard and ISO 45001:2018 Standard of the different companies which are part of Grupo Redexis. Likewise, it was granted the corresponding legal certificate of its own prevention service as well as healthy company certification.

Furthermore, in November 2020 the Group registered its carbon footprint calculations, passing the greenhouse gas emissions verification with no non-conformities and with a positive statement by an external and independent entity, in compliance with ISO 14064:

  • ISO 14001:2015 Certification
  • ISO 50001:2018 Certification
  • ISO 45001:2018 Certification
  • Legal Certification of Own Prevention Service.
  • Healthy Company Certification and Healthy Company percentage certificate.
  • MITECO (for its acronym in Spanish, Carbon Footprint Registry of the Ministry of Environment) Carbon Footprint registration certificate”.

Likewise, during 2020 Redexis has approved a Risk Management and Control Policy in order to establish the basic principles and the general action framework to manage Redexis’ risks, leading and directing the set of strategic, organizational and operational actions, to allow Redexis Board of Directors to enhance compliance with organizational objectives, within a rigour and relevance framework focused on safety and service to develop its activities.

This same year, Redexis approved its Equality and Diversity Policy, by means of which the Company undertakes to promote equality and diversity and to support a corporate culture in which talent is valued, acknowledging that the professionals who are part of the organization can have different origins and experiences which can contribute valuable knowledge, preventing any type of discrimination.

Redexis has likewise developed and established its Human Rights Policy, guaranteeing its compliance in all operational phases and which constitutes an integral part of its responsibility. By means of this Policy, the Company seeks to ensure Human Rights protection, both among its employees and among other Stakeholders.

In 2020, a Suppliers’ Approval, Monitoring and Evaluation Policy was developed. The purpose of said policy is to ensure that any third party provider of goods or services should be qualified according to Redexis’ transparency and business ethics, health and safety, and quality and environmental standards. Said Policy includes a Supplier Code of Conduct including a series of mandatory principles for all Redexis suppliers, contractors and collaborators.

Redexis has developed a Tax Policy involving compliance with the following principles to meet tax obligations and regarding its relationship with tax authorities:

  • Compliance with current tax legislation.
  • Waiver of operations or structures only aimed at tax advantages.
  • Transparency with third parties.
  • Full collaboration with the Tax Administration.