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This policy has been drawn up by the publisher of the Redexis Gas, S.A. website to explain the types of cookies that may be uploaded to the devices of users who visit the site. Some cookies are necessary in order to allow the website to function and these do not require consent. However, users have the option of configuring the settings for all the remaining cookies and either accepting or rejecting them.

In addition to reading this cookies policy, we advise you to consult our privacy policy and legal disclaimer.


What are cookies?


A cookie is a file that is downloaded to a user's computer/smartphone/tablet upon accessing certain websites in order to store and retrieve information relating to the way in which the website is browsed from the device in question.

They are tools that play an essential role in the provision of a large number of services in the information society. Among other things, cookies allow websites to store and recover anonymous information relating to a user’s browsing habits and equipment. Depending on the information gathered, they may be used to recognise the user and improve the service offered.


Types of cookies


Cookies can be classified on the basis of two general criteria: (i) the purpose for which they are used, and (ii) the organisation by which they are managed.

Depending on their purpose, the most frequently used cookies are as follows:

  1. Technical cookies:

These are strictly necessary for browsing the site and providing certain services that users may expressly request. If you disable these cookies, you may not be able to receive our content and services correctly.
They may be used, for example, for the purposes of applying security measures while browsing, controlling traffic and data communications, identifying the session, accepting access to restricted areas, making an application for registration or participation in an event, storing content for the broadcast of videos or sound files, sharing content via the social networks, recalling the items that form part of an order, or completing the purchase process for an order.

  1. Personal cookies:

These allow the user to access a service with some generally pre-defined characteristics, based on a set of criteria stored in the user’s own terminal, such as preferred language, the browser used to access the service, local settings for the region from which the service is accessed, etc.

  1. Analytical cookies:

These cookies are only generated during visits to the website, and they allow the visitor to be identified anonymously. Their purpose is to identify browsers and devices, not people, and thus to keep a count of the approximate number of visits and trends over time. They also anonymously identify the content that is most visited and attractive to users, the amount of time spent browsing, and whether the user accessing the website is new or a repeat visitor.
Please be advised that Google has developed an add-on that allows you to opt out of Google Analytics cookies on the most common browsers and thereby block the installation of these cookies. You can obtain more information by clicking on this external link:

Depending on the organisation that manages them, cookies are classified as follows:

  1. Propietary cookies: 

These are sent to the user’s terminal from a machine or domain managed by the publisher of the website from which the service requested by the user is supplied.

  1. Third party cookies: 

These are sent to the user’s terminal from a machine or domain which is not managed by the publisher but is instead managed by another organisation that processes the data obtained using technical cookies.


You may consult the Privacy Policies of the third parties with whom we share information on your browsing of our website by clicking on the following links: GOOGLE IRELAND LIMITED; FACEBOOK SPAIN, S.L.; AMAZON ONLINE SPAIN, S.L.

How can you disable or remove cookies?


If you wish to remove cookies that have been saved on your device, you may do this from your browser. You can find out how to do this by going to the help menu on your browser programme, where you will find details of the steps required to remove cookies.

For more information, please click on the relevant link:

Updates to this cookies policy

There may be updates to the Cookies Policy on our website, and we therefore recommend that you regularly review this policy in order to ensure that you remain properly informed about how and why we use cookies.