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Mechanisms of emergency


Redexis has a control centre for all participating companies nationwide, staffed with qualified technical personnel and providing a permanent service 24 hours, 7 days a week.

This control centre consists of:

  • Standard normalized Remote System aimed at optimizing functions relating to the operation of the distribution and transport networks in order to obtain greater security and efficiency in the operation and maintenance hereof as well as providing management support of the exploitation.
  • A system of graphical and alphanumeric information that allows a comprehensive management of all Redexis networks and facilities.
  • An access control system to allow access to the facilities of Redexis to authorized personnel only.
  • A system of permanent tele-monitoring and anti-intrusion to prevent any unwanted intrusions on installations.

With this set, total security of the installations is reached and a tool of great help for managing the exploitation.

Besides its own monitoring of control systems, the unified control centre performs among other things the following tasks:

  • Operation of gas networks.
  • Warning and Incident Management.
  • Coordination of emergency actions.
  • Demand Management.
  • Network Studies.

Central Emergency Telephone Service (CAT)

The Central Emergency Telephone Service or CAT is a telephony platform specialized in call handling, developing call handling work for a proper care of the gas emergency service.

The CAT realizes the dialogue between the costumer, the urgent care team and control centre, identifying and classifying the emergencies for their subsequent transfer to the care team for its resolution:

  • Initially the type and reason for the notice is identified.
  • Instructions to the caller are transmitted based on the type detected and according to the protocol described in the specific corresponding operating procedure.
  • In addition, CAT coordinates with the Control Centre transmitting those messages directly according to their importance for those requiring specialized treatment.
  • In cases of massive failures that affect a significant number of customers, information to the partners about the origin of the incident and foreseen replenishment time is sent in accordance with the instructions received from the Control Centre.
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