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Shareholders and Structure of the Group


The Shareholders

Redexis, S.A., with its registered office in Madrid, is the holding company owned by the pension funds Arbejdsmarkedets Tillægspension (“ATP”), 33.3%, and Universities Superannuation Scheme (“USS”), 33.3%, along with financial investors Guoxin Guotong Fund LLP (“GT Fund”) and CNIC Corporation Limited (“CNIC”), 33.3%.

Structure of the Group

On 25 May 2015, the companies Redexis, S.A. and Redexis Infraestructuras, S.L.U. carried out a segregation of assets under which Redexis, S.A. segregated all its primary transmission assets in favour of Redexis Infraestructuras, S.L.U., obtaining all required authorities.

Previously, on 27 February 2015, Redexis, S.A. completed an internal reorganisation, merging its subsidiary companies into Redexis, S.A. From that day, all assets are directly operated by Redexis, S.A., except Redexis Murcia, S.A., Redexis Servicios, S.L.U., Redexis Infraestructuras, S.L.U. and Redexis GLP, S.L.U. that are not included in the merger.

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