Safety and Emergencies


The Redexis Group offers an Emergency room operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to carry out the actions necessary to ensure your security and that of your goods, realizing opening and closing operations of gas installations and emergency handlings in case of any security incident: smell of gas, fire, or explosion, as stated in the ITC-ICG-01 of the Technical Regulations of Distribution and use of gaseous fuels approved by Royal Decree 919/2006.  To report any emergency, contact the distributor in your region via the telephone number provided below: 

Redexis Gas

900 924 622

Redexis Specialists classify the handlings according to the risk or severity of the situation and will inform you about how to act. If the problem cannot be resolved over the phone, they will send qualified personnel to your home to eliminate any possible risk.

The Emergency Service does not cover the repair of the gas installation from the connection stopcock of the building nor of gas appliances or other technical installations, except in the case of receiving community installations owned by the distributor in which case Redexis does undertake the repairs.

In the case of the common areas of the building, it is the owner, or the representative of the owner who should be responsible for its upkeep and maintenance. Inside the home, it is up to the user to maintain the facility in good condition, and make appropriate use of it.