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Reference norm


The basic rule in the gas sector is Law 34/1998 of October 7th, of the hydrocarbon sector, with the various modifications that have been introduced with the aim, among others, to transpose the different European Directives of application (1998/30/EC, 2003/54/EC,2009/73/EC). The different infrastructure components are described in this Hydrocarbons Sector law.

In developing this rule, the Royal Decree 1434/2002 of 27 December, regulates the activities of transportation, distribution, marketing, supply and authorization procedures for natural gas installations.

Royal Decree 949/2001, dated August 3, regulates third party access to gas installations and establishes an integrated economic system for the natural gas sector.

The technical rules of construction and maintenance of networks that is applicable is the Royal Decree 919/2006, of 28 July, the technical regulations on the distribution and use of gaseous fuels and their supplementary technical instructions and the order of 18 November 1974 amending Regulation Networks and Gaseous Fuels connections not contrary to the one approved.