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Code of Conduct

Redexis Gas works every day for Corporate Responsibility (CR) to become a cornerstone of its corporate culture within the corporate culture. As a result of this and in order to achieve this objective, the Board of Directors has approved the “Code of Conduct” of the Redexis  Group.

The Code of Conduct includes the company’s commitment to the principles of business ethics and transparency in all areas of operation, establishing a set of principles and standards of conduct aimed at ensuring ethical and responsible behaviour by all Redexis  Group professionals in the performance of their activities. It also sets out the values and good practices that must govern business conduct as a whole within the Redexis  Group, and also the conduct of all those connected to the company, directly and indirectly, in the performance of their duties and in their professional dealings.

The strategic business vision adopted through this Code of Conduct covers the CR objectives, i.e. the adoption of business action falling within the framework of ethical, social, environmental and economically responsible behaviour.

Being aware of current economic, social and environmental circumstances therefore reinforces the commitment of the Redexis Group to the responsible, effective and honest management of the company, the result of which are sound business values and culture, and reinforcing its strategy and reputation.

The Code of Conduct also shows the commitment of the Redexis Group to ensuring compliance with current laws. Redexis Group will not accept any conduct of its professionals which could be contrary to the applicable regulations in each case.

Redexis Group’s intention is to achieve these objectives in collaboration with shareholders, customers and suppliers, and on the same time reinforcing dialogue with the Administration and interest groups.