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Domiciliary operations


Redexis Gas Distribution operates by performing different types of residential transactions: hitch, verification facilities, and reclosing.

Coupling is an operation consisting of connecting the reception facility to the gas network of the distribution company, who should do this at its own risk (Article 29 RD 1434/2002).

The verification of the facilities consists in reviewing and verifying these to be fine-tuned to the technical safety regulation requirements (Article 29 RD 1434/2002).

The concept of recoupling is defined by the activity of reconnecting an installation after a disconnection fault made by the customer. The costs arising from the suspension of the supply shall be payable by the distributor and the supply reconnection in case it is justified and attributable to the customer, to be payable by the customer who must pay an amount equal to double the valid connection rights as compensation for the costs of disconnection (Article 59 RD 1434/2002).

The corresponding rates for these operations are regulated and established by the Autonomous Communities.