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To safety


The values of Redexis reflect on safety, the basis for the Company’s operation and reason for its Control Centre, which conducts its task for the purpose of guaranteeing the safety of people, facilities and supply.

With the help of the most advanced technology, the Control Centre is in charge of monitoring and controlling the operation of its assets, identifying any incident or anomaly that may occur in its network. It receives information in real time from the main facilities of Redexis, which is analysed by specialised personnel who work in turns of 24 hours a day and detect any incidence, mobilising the response teams in the field.

The Back-up Control Centre guarantees the continuity of the service in the case of any type of incident in the main facility.

Redexis has a centralised Emergency Call Centre (CAT), which provides service 24/7, and is permanently in touch with the Control Centre, which receives and makes a first classification of consumers’ emergencies at its receiving facilities.

The Company has an Integrated Policy aimed at achieving the continuous improvement of the working conditions and the protection of health, as fundamental values of the corporate culture of Redexis.