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Measurement services


The related measurement services aim to make the measuring elements and verification processes required to comply with the law according to their consumption available to users connected to the networks owned by Redexis Gas distribution. The turnover of the corresponding measurement services contracted will be made through the Trading Company of the user.

For each point of supply at least one measurement equipment is installed. All teams must have passed the meteorological control established by the European Union and will comply with the applicable UNE-EN standards.

The measurement equipment shall become property of the consumer or may be leased or transferred to it by the Distributing Company. The services listed hereafter are concluded between the consumer and the distributing company:

Rental of counters

Redexis Gas, through its local distributors, offers customers of various marketing companies the consumption measuring meters, keeping the right of the user to have its own counter.

The economic system of the rental of counters is regulated by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism; Rates associated with each type of meter are revised and published annually. Redexis gas is required to provide the rental service of counters for the Group 3 (< 4 bar) of consumption.


Assignment of counters

When the counter which is part of the receiving facility is not owned by the distribution company and when damage or equipment checks occur and a temporary installation of another meter is required, Redexis Gas, through its distributors will put at your disposal the counters listed in the following price table.


Verification of Counters and Converters

Energy Policy and Mines, dated March 13, 2006 was published for which “Protocols of detail of the technical management standards of the Gas System were set.”

This resolution mandates the periodic metrological confirmation of measuring equipment and systems (Counters & Converters) within specified time limits, giving this responsibility to the owner thereof with responsibility for the network operator of the task to ensure that it is performed.

Redexis Gas provides you with the necessary mechanisms for the metrological confirmation of your measuring equipment in order for you to fulfil that obligation.



Under current law, all consumers with consumption over 5,000,000 kWh / year are required to install telemetry equipment capable of performing at least the measurement of daily flows.

Under current law, all consumers with consumption over 5,000,000 kWh / year are required to install telemetry equipment capable of performing at least the measurement of daily flows.


Below you will find approved manufacturers that implement the communication protocols used by distribution companies of the Redexis Gas Group:

Tel: +34 916 360 155
C/ Andrés Segovia, 7
28231 Las Rozas (Madrid)

Tel: +34 934 329 600
C/ Santa Eulalia, 213
08902 L’Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona)

Higher Calorific Power and Correction factors

You can check in the link below the monthly averages of Gross calorific value (GCV) by province and or municipality for any month of the year:


Distribution procedures

The monthly basis distribution procedure by Gas Redexis is presented hereafter according to the standard of technical management NGTS-06 “Distribution” and the detail protocol PD-02 the “Method of Distribution in Points of Connection Transportation-Distribution (PCTD)”:


Gas Measurement and Quality

You can view the procedures and concepts related to the measurement of natural gas in the detailed protocol “PD-01 measurement, gas quality and odorisation.” This protocol can be downloaded by accessing the following link and by clicking the “Collection Protocols” section:


The gas introduced by the entry points to the network of Redexis Gas shall comply with the quality specifications of natural gas. These specifications are available under the following link: