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Meter reading

Readings done by Redexis Gas with a counter, measure your gas consumption during a given period as an objective. This reading is then transferred to the Marketing Company which has contracted the gas supply for its corresponding billing.

The gas reading is done every two months, except for those consumers who have a reading of over 100,000 kWh monthly.

According to current legislation, the gas distribution company in your area is responsible for conducting the reading of your meter, regardless of the marketing company that has contracted the gas service.

How is the meter reading done?

Authorized personnel by the Redexis Group Distribution Company Gas goes to your home for making the reading. Thus it is certified that the correct reading is done, allowing accurate consumption measurement.

  • If your meter is located outside your home, the responsible personnel must access it using an approved lock.
  • If your meter is inside your home, the responsible personnel must access your home to do the corresponding meter reading.
  • If you are not present at the time of the visit, it is recommended that the meter reading is done in the ways described hereafter. In case the reading is not done, Redexis Gas then estimates the consumption during the corresponding period (Note: Authorized personnel of Redexis must be able to read your meter at least once a year).
  1. Do you have a Smartphone? Our new mobile app YoleoGas, available on Google Play and Apple Store, provides a convenient way to submit your meter reading. Just register your Universal Supply Point Code (CUPS code on your bill) to send us a photo of your reading. It couldn’t be easier!
  2. Readings paper. When the counters are located in private homes and are not centralized, Gas Redexis will leave a paper within the community of neighbours informing about future meter readings, with a corresponding space for your home so you can write down your reading.
    In this space you will only have to note the digits that you see on your counter to the left of the decimal point.
    If you have any problems at the time of providing the reading, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  3. Meter reading contact number. If you would like to give us your meter reading via telephone, call us on 800 760 577 – a 24/7 toll free line for customers to provide meter readings, provided on the reading notice card left at your home in case of absence. You will be asked by an automated machine to provide your meter code – this will be the entire code including the zeros on the left, without the dashes – and the reading value t- this corresponds to the digit values to the left of the coma sign without decimal values.