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How to contract gas in your business


If you need to install gas in your business

In case you’re interested in having gas supply for your business, you can contact your usual installer or talk to our technicians, who will inform and assist you in the formalities.

If your business already has a gas installation

If your business already has a gas installation then you only need to register it with the Certificate of installation and contract the provision with a natural gas marketing company or in the case of propane, directly with Redexis.

Once the documentation has been delivered and processed, Redexis will contact you to arrange a meeting place and time, in order for the inspector to check the installation and leave it ready for use. From this point onward, the installer shall notify the supplying company, the start of use of the gas installations.

With the installation running, in the first bill, your marketing firm will bill you for the corresponding contracting fees (contracting fees and subscriber rights if applicable).

You can contact us by calling 900 373 273 or send us your contact details.

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